14 comments on “Moving to digiKam

    • Sorry to disappoint you mate but digiKam is so much better in almost every aspect. Picasa is not even close…

    • Hmmm, I was able to install Picassa 3.5 in Ubuntu 9.04 using the instructions found here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/09/picasa-35-linux-install.html

      The face recognition is the best part of Picasa 3.5 for me. I do a lot of genealogy research and having a quick way to search through photos, old and new, for faces is a great boon. For serious photo tweaking I use Gimp and for Managing IPTC tags I use Mapivi. In my limited experience, there isn’t one tool that does it all.

      • I agree with you. In my case, I not only have genealogical pics, but lots of pics of insects. I use Digikam to download the pics from my camera, but that is about all I use it for. I use Picasa to crop and tweak my insect pics, but I use GIMP to clean up old photos of people that I have scanned. If you right click any photo in Picasa to edit them, they open in GIMP. I guess that is the default setting for Picasa on Linux.

      • Facial recognition, in a closed-source app from Google? Doesn’t that scare anyone just a little?

        > In my limited experience, there isn’t
        > one tool that does it all.

        That is a good thing :) One app that tries to do too much gets overloaded on the GUI, bloated in the code, weighs heavy on the system resources, and difficult to manage (both as a user and a developer). The old UNIX mentality of ‘One app that does one thing very well’ is still visible in most FLOSS applications, where as on a Winodws desktop the mentality there is often, ‘Cram in extra stuff, call them features, and release with a new version number to increase sales’. I’ll take the small-and-simple route.

  1. Export to Flickr has improved leaps and bounds. I use it. But how about Export to Picasa Web? I don’t think it is production ready yet. Have you used/tried these exports?

  2. Digikam rocks. Been using it for ages and meets all my needs.
    Would be nice to have face recognition. Sure a future version will get this…

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