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  1. Uh, perhaps I’m dense, but which version of digiKam includes the geotagging capability?

    I’m not seeing it in 0.9.3, the version my distro installed.

    • Digikams uses the “kipi-plugins” for it’s geo-tagging support. You need to install them first and perhaps than neet to enable the “gpssync” plugin in “Settings -> KIPI-Modules”.

      On the other hand: I find the work-flow hard to use, especially if you want to geo-tag a lot of pictures (>100), since for each distinct location you need to go to the menu, down to sub-menues and allways wait some seconds until the map-tiles are loaded from Google Maps.

      • If you want to geotag a bunch of photos, check out my blog. Since it uses scripts, everything is batch processed.

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  3. I am using a garmin GPSmap 76 CSx.
    coordinates in the gpx file have this annotation:
    i.e.: lat=”46.497330″ lon=”18.916438″

    If I read the gpx file in digikam, it gets a different annotation:
    i.e.: GPS longitude 18deg 9.16438′
    GPS Latitude 46deg 49.7330

    Google earth, and Google maps don’t regognise the digikam way of writing the coordinates.
    These programs want the coordinates written like this:

    46(character for degree) 49″73.30′ N
    18 (idem) 91″6438′ E

    So, if I want to see the location of my photo in google maps, it doesn recognise the format .

    Is it possible to change any of the formats in a way they understand each other ?

  4. Nice writing, but some things are not clearly explained.
    For instance the time gap in minutes. Is it only positive? What if the GPS was ahead ? What if the camera was ahead ?
    I had the camera on the GMT -5 and the GPS on GMT, hat is the time gap ? +5 or -5 hours?
    I see that the gap does not allow negative gap. This looks like a bug to me
    The plugin has evolve since this writing and I believ that it obsolete. There are a number of thing which need explained: camera time zone ( +/- gap) , what is the differenc e between Correlate and Apply buton, etc


    • Bogdan, the gap you enter is the absolute value, so it doesn’t matter. This is not a bug.

      The answers to what Correlate and Apply are is in the help. If you’re using Gnome (as opposed to KDE) you may not have those files, so search on Gógle.

  5. Hey, thanks for the explanation! I was curious if Digikam had this feature, now I know. Gonna bring my phone with gps tracking next time I’m out shooting and test! :)

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