5 comments on “Finding Geotagged Photos in digiKam

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  4. I tried to select the entire planet ( round the world trip.. 2 years, 20,000 photos ) but that didnt’ work… ?

    For those trying to re-read metadata as a result of using an external GeoTagging application, and willing to get a bit dirty:
    ( from another post on this blog.. copied here for your convenience )

    I was able to select all photos without GPS locations in two steps.
    1) MySQL query directly on database to tag gps photos.
    2) In Digikam, search for not having the hasGPS tag.

    Step 1)
    a)In Digikam, create a tag named hasGPS.
    b)In Digikam, go to ‘Configure’ and look in ‘Collections’ to see the “Database File Path”.

    c)Close DigiKam.

    d) locate and make a backup copy of your digikam database.

    e) Now, in SQLite Database Browser ( or anything that lets you run an sql query ) load the database and run the following query:

    REPLACE INTO ImageTags (imageid,tagid)
    SELECT imageid, (SELECT id from Tags WHERE name=’hasGPS’)
    FROM ImagePositions WHERE imageid>0

    Now go back to digiKam.

    Step 2)
    In DigiKam, go to Advanced Search.
    a) click on the little ‘options’ lettering and choose ‘None of these conditions are met’
    b) under ‘File, Album, Tags’ select your ‘hasGPS’ tag.
    c) click ‘OK’ !

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