6 comments on “Two Nifty Features in digiKam 1.1.0

  1. The first feature exists in older versions too. It is usually the last icon to the right when you open any ‘action’ dialog.

  2. Have to agree with KenP. I’ve been using the mouse-hover preview for what seems like years. Have you extended it to other areas? It didn’t work for some of the more CPU-intensive operations (like sharpening) previously.

    • Clone, dodge and burn are three things I still do in GIMP. DigiKam’s cropping, colour adjustments, sharpening, etc. have become very usable over the past few releases, so I use its editor a lot more. The only gripe I have is that non-destructive editing is a little slower in DigiKam than in something like Picasa, because of the need to use “Save As…” after any changes.

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  4. “The mouse-over preview feature was already available for certain operations. In the new version this feature has been added to other actions like Sharpening.”

    As you corrected, it was added to some new tools but most important is that it is now the default function when the dual-view was the old default.

    The vignetting needs fixing. Now it is vice-versa effect. The vignetting tool should edit the borders of the photo and not the middle. When removing the vignetting, it should brighten the corners and not darker the middle. And when adding vignetting, it should not darker the corners and brighten the middle but just darken the corners.

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