5 comments on “Renaming Photos with digiKam

  1. This is cool. I have compared almost all photo management applications both free and paid for, and digiKam is right up there. In terms of management of your photos, imho it comes second only to Lightroom.

  2. It should be mentioned that the modifiers work for all the renaming options, not only the [file] option.

    But anyway… as always, nice article!


  3. This might be too crazy, but it would be cool if it could look up nearby POI based on geotagged images

  4. Hi, thanks for the plugin, but I have a problem with {rename}: filenames are black (e.g. not red, no error), but the OK button is grayed. If this is a bug, then I’ll add it to bugs, but please tell me if I’m not doing something wrong.

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