7 comments on “Improve Photos with digiKam’s Local Contrast Tool

  1. Dude! Can you share that photo as wallpaper 1680×1050? :D It’s aaaaaamaaaazing :D And btw: how have you removed the panel on the left side? ;)

  2. Why do you have to click “Try”, why does it not show the changes immediately so that you can freely experiment by dragging the sliders and instantly seeing the effect?

  3. Hi Dmitri,
    Comparing digikam’s LCE method to an earlier more common method using USM for loacal contrast enhancement with large radius and small amount. Eg. radius=30 amount=30 threshold=0.
    How do the parameters in digikam map to the parameters in the USM technique? Is blur (digikam) = radius (USM) and Power (digikam) = amount (USM).

  4. This tool has become the best thing for my pictures of my black lab! All that dark fir is really hard to pull detail out of and this does the trick nicely.

  5. Wow – what a great tool for bringing up detail lost in shadows and making photos truly pop! You’re absolutely right about using it with care – it’s easy to get carried away, but Local Contrast together with Unsharp Mask (again, in moderation) gives me much more like the results I’m looking for; it’s like removing a veil from the original.

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