8 comments on “Watermark Photos with digiKam

  1. Hi thank´s for the tip!
    Is the Watermark Image scales by the Image size, so that the Watermark don´t get´s to big on an small Image and to small on an big Image!


  2. I like that you are able to use an image watermark. So many others only use text, which is ugly and easy to cut out.

  3. Hi Dmitri:

    I am using digiKam intensively since quite a bit time.

    Watermarking and your blog is very nice. Unfortunately, I have gort a problem since more than a year: if using the toll, I can select the desired position- left bottom, right above e.g.

    But: how do get a watermark _right_ _bottom_ independent from pics orientation? So landscape or upright orientation of the pic itself, and still keep a watermark right bottom (orientation like on a books page).


    P.S.: I started a bug request

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