9 comments on “Batch Convert Nikon RAW (NEF) Files to JPEG

  1. Just a little mistake, should be:
    ufraw-batch –out-type=jpeg –out-path=./ ./*.NEF

  2. if you have adobe bridge, just select all the images you want, goto Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor and then it’s pretty self explanatory from there.

    • Brad, you got your shit tangled up trying to help people answer their questions.

      This is Ubuntu. Adobe Bridge does not even work on this OS.

      Sorry son.

    • Hmm, starting the program, goto 1, goto 2, goto3 en the next actions are self explanatory?
      I would say do a one time action:
      edit your ~/.bash_aliases and add the line:
      alias nef2jpg=’ufraw-batch –out-type=jpeg –out-path=./jpg ./*.NEF’
      then do
      $source .bashrc
      and for the rest of your (photographic-) life just typing “nef2jpg” suffice.

      • I am getting the error: “ufraw-batch: ufraw was build without JPEG support.”

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