9 comments on “Correct Lens Distortion with digiKam

  1. Hi, great website and nice tutorials abt digikam. I am a member of the Maldives Open Source Society (Moss), we promote open source software here in the Maldives. We release a magazine once a month called MOSS your monthly floss magazine and im the editor of the magazine. I was wondering whether i could reproduce some of the texts which has been written by you in your website. Im trying to write a article abt digikam and what it can do. By doing it i could save a lot of time.
    And i will also give you full credit and reference for your work.

    You can see the moss magazine and our activities @ http://www.moss.org.mv

  2. Hi Dmitri,

    I’m curious, will digiKam take the output from something like a Nikon 10.5 fisheye and “correct” that into a panorama like the native Nikon software does? I’m in a linux-only household so I don’t use the Nikon software, but the effect would be great to have available.


  3. Great tool — but what can I do if my camera is not in the list for automatic correction? Is there an update for this list or can I find out correction coefficients by myself?

    • Gimp has stable versions (Deb stable), and has a lens distortion correction ability. Also execclent NR, and I have a “Darla” script; that automatically removes color fringing (when needed).

      Read the ufraw page. Set it up one time, and it loads your Raw file, as done.

      Shoot only Raw. Pull the JPEG’s out with dcraw. Then develop only the Raw files that need it. Then, use Gimp for finishing and you will not (ever) need anything else.

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