11 comments on “Install digiKam on Windows

  1. Dear Dmitri:

    I want join digikam group. Which is recommend version for running digikam?
    I am newb in linux.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi,
    the newest Version of Digikam was 1.1.0 and KDE4.4.4!!

    I think it would be an great idea to write a tutorial about compilation of an actual Digikam release under Windows.


  3. Hi Dmitri,
    I have tried the installationprocedure and it runs fine.
    If i save images in tiff- or bmp-format it runs well, but every other format it crashed and i have to start digikam once again.

    best regards


  4. Hello!!!

    just ran installation like above mentioned! worked well for me! the only drawback indeed is that the digikam version is 1.1.0 while there is a 1.6.0 version out there!
    i have emailed with Gilles about this and he made a selfextracting file which includes the 1.6 version. not al functions are available, but it definitly runs!
    (right clicking shows an empty menu)

    anyway! i think it is great that you guys are busy with getting digikam to windows!!! it is much appreciated by me, and everytime someone asks, i always proudly announce the use of digikam!!!

    Thanks again!

  5. I have tried it once again. i have download the newest Installer, i have selected all things you have descript but when i download the files i get for one file an errormessage that the url is not korrekt.
    But i don’t know which file it is. How can i find the missing file – i thing that this was the problem??

    • Hi Reinhard,

      I don’t use Windows much, so I can’t really help you with your problem. But I’m sure that if you post your question on the digiKam user mailing list, other users will help you to fix the issue.

    • I installed DigiKam with the NSIS.
      It doesn’t include an application for viewing video files. I tried to use an application which is not part of KDE, but I got an error message about the executable file not found.
      Is it possible to add such an application to the installer?

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