20 comments on “Install digiKam 1.6 on Ubuntu 10.10

  1. Hi,

    Not working for me, error: Uitvoerbaar programma: digikam PID: 2888 Signaal: Segmentation fault (11).

    I’m on 10.10 with 4.6 beta 2.


    • It’s not built against KDE 4.6 (beta 2) so to make it work with that it need a rebuild with KDE 4.6. Haven’t tried KDE 4.6 beta yet myself.

  2. Thank you for pointing to this ppa!

    Would be nice to see digikam stable in a own ppa, so one doesn’t get the rest from the ppa.

    A ppa with a daily built from trunk would be nice too! ;)

  3. For Mandriva users, digikam-1.6.0 has been in backports for some time, to upgrade to it:
    # urpmi.update Backports
    # urpmi –searchmedia Backports digikam

    • kipi-plugins (1.6 for the moment) is also available on my PPA for Maverick. If your question regard to Mandriva then I have no idea… :)

      • Sorry should probably clarify. I would like to add Kipi-plugins 1.6.0 to my DigiKam 1.6 on Ubuntu 10.10. Is there a way to do this, if so may I have a link? Thanks :)

  4. A general note about my PPA. As I describe it on Launchpad “Ubuntu experimental rolling release repository” would sum it all up. The PPA is mostly for sharing packages that I make and use for myself and friends. I mostly leave bug fixing for upstream. As I use the packages myself I want them to work but they are not as tested in different setups as official packages.

    Regarding to problems in Maverick that I have heard of using my PPA (for the moment) is that someone have had problem auto-mounting cameras that use PTP in Gnome, but not in KDE, after updating libgphoto2 (likely a udev thing with discussions upstream). You can still mount and use cameras that use PTP from within Digikam as usual anyway. With the libgphoto2 update you can use more cameras and have some other upstream fixes. For Gnome users it can be good or bad or a little of both.

    The other problem I know of is the jpeg bug above that I can’t reproduce myself in Kubuntu 10.10.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for replying. You say you cannot repro the jpeg bug in Kubuntu 10.10 – have you tried using the test image attached to the bug report?

      Which version of libjpeg does your digikam depend on? If it is dependent on libjpeg62 and you don’t have the problem, would you mind commenting that on the bug report please, as it would mean that the developer’s suspicion may be incorrect.


  5. It worked fine for me. Thanks for the effort to make it available !
    Plugins went fine as well.
    Running 10.10 Ubuntu with latest kernel.

  6. I am a new user and not really familiar with ubuntu for the moment. Like previous version 1.4, I can’t do blend bracketed images with digikam. How can I install the absent pack.

    • To use the Exposure blending tool that comes with Digikam you need to install Hugin which is the engine the tool use to blend images. Hugin is also a tool like that in it self that you can check out.

      • I better correct myself. The Exposure blending tool comes in fact with kipi-plugins, not with Digikam itself. Still needs Hugin to work (also need enblend and enfuse that Hugin depends on so they installs automatically with the hugin package). Kipi-plugins expands the features for Digikam among a few other programs that can use the plugins.

      • Sorry for my poor english.Thank you for your recommendation Phillip. With the previous version(1.4) I tryed to install Hugin but a package was missing. Now, if I understand, you recommend Kipi-pluggins to do a better job. Is-it an independant software or it become a part of digikam ?
        Second question; Does-it have particularity for installation of this software? How do I proceed?
        Thank you for your help Phillip

  7. Exposure blending can be run as a stand alone program from your standard start menu but it’s also accessable from within Digikam and the Digikam tools menu were you select Blend brackeded images. Both are features that comes with kipi-plugins.

    • Thank you for your help. I had succes with Hugin. Kipi-plugins don’t do the same job. But I have a bug with both applications (Hugin and Kipi…) within digikam. I will use them as a stand alone.
      Thanks again

  8. Thank you Phillip, I just installed digiKam as per instructions above, first time I have tried such. Needless to say it was a complete success!! I do have one complaint, however, I would like to be able to save i tiff format as that is what I have used for years & I don’t wish to have parts of my collection in one format and parts in another. Any hints?

    Thanks for your work on this;
    Michael :-)

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