6 comments on “Sieve through Photos with digiKam’s Light Table Tool

  1. Thank you, now I understand the purpose of the “light table”. Maybe it would be better to change the name of this option to “comparison table” so it would be much easier to understand what it is about?

    • Light table is used for historical reasons. When you had negatives, you had to put them on the light table to see them and compare.

  2. These kind of post are always interesting for novice users, thanks :)

    No idea if this is doable but maybe the “picture fingerprint” (not sure about the english name) feature of DigiKam could be useful here, something like “Put all images similar to this one on the light table” ?

    • You could just right click on the image, select the “Find similar” option and then select all from what that finds hit CTL-L to put them on the lighttable.

      • Indeed, actually I never used this feature before. Thanks :)

  3. That’s an awesome feature. digiKam is a pretty strong contender against Adobe’s Lightroom which costs $300! I currently use Lightroom, but I’m keeping a very close eye on digiKam.

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