6 comments on “Geotag Photos with Open GPS Tracker and digiKam

  1. I thought, that most modern cameras are supplied with a built-in GPS receiver..

  2. Also try http://www.gobreadcrumbs which is a free web application which does a similar thing. It allows you to upload your GPS track (via either Garmin or GPX) and then upload photos/videos along with the track. It will automatically geotag the photos and videos on the track by matching the timestamps of the photos up with the timestamps in the GPS track.

  3. That is too complicated.

    If you happen have a Nikon DSLR which support direct gps, just connect the device with the camera and all photos are geotagged and then use Geosetter or Jetphotosoftare, which can upload the photo directly to Google Earth or Google Map. http://www.photolife.com/blog/?p=3063

  4. I know quite a few ppl including myself that have older digital cameras that do not have geotagging capabilities. It sucks that Digikam no longer supports the upload and tagging of my photo’s in version 2.1. Looks like a roll back will be in my future.

  5. digiKam 3 doesn’t even support writing geotag information to images.
    This is really diappointing.

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