7 comments on “Work with Photo Metadata in digiKam

    • I do not edit the metadata that the camera creates but I do add the author/copyright/etc. info using the templates system in digiKam. By selecting multiple images and then using the “dedicated Metadata sidebar” you are able to changes all the images simultaneously. This also applies to tagging images and adding comment metadata.

    • > It would be great if that software supports batch EXIF operations

      jhead is your friend.

      > Opening every image file for metadata editing is very time consuming.

      jhead -dc -de -di -dx -du *.jpg

      Removes everything (not just EXIF) from all files ending on .jpg in the current directory. (-de alone just removes the EXIF header). Cf. man jhead.

  1. i didnt know it could do that. Thank you for sharing….however i am against removing any EXIF metadata from any picture, since without them we only see the picture…not how the person created it.

  2. I share photos with another user who uses Windows Live Gallery, which writes rating into XMP-Rating and title into XMP-Title. Is there a way that digikam can show use or import this as the values in the “Caption/Tags” sidebar? Possibly a setting, in what metadata part the photo title is saved (IPTC, XMP?)?

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