3 comments on “New Features in digiKam 2.0: Color Labels and Picks

  1. Nice features – but one question: (how) are those color labels and picks written into XMP resp. IPTC data? Are there reserved fields? Thank you!

  2. I wish the devs would restore some of the former functionality.

    I used to have it rename photos (in YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS-MFR-MDL-####.jpg form) and drop it into the correct spot in a date-stamped folder hierarchy as part of uploading photos from a camera. It made it *really* easy to organize, and the file manager saw the same hierarchy. (MFR = camera’s maker, MDL= camera’s model)

    This made it great for sending a file, because the file was exactly where you saw it.

    Currently, digiKam cannot do this anymore.

    • … and this is very good, Inxwalt. :) Sorry, I am completely away from your opinion. A software should never break my manual set folder structure. That’s why I have never looked much deeper into f-spot e.g. It would be ok to have your feature as a command in digiKam – but definitely not as standard behaviour or as option that can be enabled constantly (and therefore the user is not able to start digiKam in order to switch that off without having all his folders swirled)…

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