9 comments on “Process RAW Files in digiKam

  1. I really like the import tool feature wise, but from a performance perspective, I’m less happy. I have a quite modern i7 machine with plenty of RAM so no problem there.
    Comparing the speed of changing e.g. the luminosity curve to the speed you have in RawTherapee, the difference is enormous and really almost made me switch to RawTherapee if it wouldn’t crash so often.

    I don’t know why there is such a dramatic difference, but I’d like to point it out in hope some improvements can be made

  2. I have problems with performance too. In a modern computer, raw import (and test, algoritms for example) is very slow

    • Speed performance for RAW processing is delegate to libkdcraw/libraw. Compile this library in final not debug to turn on all optimization. Also, take a care to install libgomp (OpenMP), which will enable parallelization of demozaicing operations. Computation time will be increased a lots…

      • In my case, I installed digikam using gentoo ebuilds, so all is optimized and stripped. I’m unsure about openmp though, have to check. But I’d be surprised to see it get such a performance boost

      • Oh, and another thing – adjusting the gradiation curve or the brightness (in the raw importer) use libraw? Because that sortof seems independent to me

      • Gilles, I guess we need to add “-fopenmp” to the command line options for GCC. I did this and digiKam became so much faster now. It seems like the default settings are not enabling openmp, at least not on my system.

  3. i almost never use digikam to process RAW…..but i love the basic features that it has….

    In terms of RAW i always use darktable…which is quite good, fast and stable compared to RAWTHERAPEE!!

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