4 comments on “Process RAW Files with Rawstudio

  1. I know that I am asking too much here. But why is such a fine program not documented in some for useful for newcomers ? I have been using it for some time, unfortunately I can’t get it to work with the Sigma X3F files…. Help please. The other question to this software is and other raw converters, they are based on DCRAW but all produce very different results.
    I find that when processing the raw files from an Olympus E-450 the UFRAW produced best results and when using Olympus E-P1 the RawStudio won convincingly.

    Is there some dark corner on the internet has only deals with current file formats and rawconverters for Linux ?


  2. Unlike conversions within digikam/showfoto I have no access to 16 bit png and I lose all,well most of, my metadata.

    • Some of the metadata may appear lost in digikam if digikam starts reading the output from rawstudio before rawstudio has finished writing it. This may also result in thumbnails with a gray lower part. There is a menu-item to re-read the metadata in digikam.
      Rawstudio developers could have avoided the problem by writing the image to a file with a different extension and renaming the file when it is complete.

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