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Command-line Photographic Workflow on Linux

Most Linux photographers use graphical applications like digiKam, Rawstudio, or darktable as their tools of choice for processing and managing photos. But it is possible to set up a photographic workflow built around command-line tools that can handle a wide range of photographic

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Import Photos in digiKam

Using the commands tucked under the Import menu, you can offload photos from your camera, storage card, or USB stick directly into the application. What’s more, the Import dialog box offers a few clever features that allow you to configure

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Photo of the Day: Eschscholzia californica

The California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is a perennial and annual plant, native to the United States, and the official state flower of California. It can grow 5-60 cm tall, with alternately branching glaucous blue-green foliage. The leaves are ternately divided into

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Submit a digiKam Tip, Win a ZaReason Teo Pro Netbook

It’s nice to have friends. It’s even better to have friends who support open source and put money where their mouth is. I’m proud to say that I have such a friend. Russell Ossendryver and his WorldLabel company do an amazing

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Scribbles and Snaps RSS Extension for Google Chrome and Chromium

While doing research for an article in Linux Magazine, I cobbled together a simple extension for the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. This is a one-trick pony that fetches the latest RSS articles from this very blog and displays them

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Instant Vintage Photo Effects with Google Chrome and Lomo+

If you happen to use the Chrome or Chromium browser and you are looking for an easy way to spice up your photos with vintage effects, the Lomo+ web app is right up your alley. Using the app, you can apply a

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Tethered Shooting with Rawstudio

When it comes to tethered shooting, Rawstudio is by far the easiest and most user-friendly solution on Linux. This powerful RAW processing application sports functionality which allows you to control and monitor the connected camera with a minimum of effort.

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