3 comments on “Import Photos in digiKam

  1. since i used for first time bluetooth to import photos from my smartphone
    i don’t want to use any more usb cable. bluetooth is the the good technology for mobile devices.
    no cable in my luggage.
    no cable to plug in to the pc and to the device.

    bluetooth minilan is the idealistic solution.

    i don’t understand bluetooth is not a component by default for still camera.

    a regret : when you import photos with “import from a remote pc” you curiously don’t pass through the standard import gui then you can’t benefit of the automatical functions beside it for example “transform file name symbols to low case symbols”

  2. Hi there. Just some quick questions about the import dialogs…

    Firstly, how do the files get copied? Is it a bit by bit, verified copy from one location to another? If i end up with corrupted files, how can I quickly verify whether it’s the copying process that was wrong, or whether there is an issue with the camera/card? Can I enable a check-box to import with a bit-by-bit verification, so that I am sure to have received EXACTLY what is on the card? I know it’s slower – but some of us might prefer data integrity over speed… (maybe all of us?!!)

    Can I import to two different locations at the same time? I’m trying to work on a quick backup, as I import – to an external hard drive. This will at least ensure that I have a backup before i ever wipe a card, and might save untold heartache for those of us that have ever lost files, or wiped pictures without a full backup…

    The renaming options on import – are they the same as the renaming options from inside the program, which are obviously very powerful? Do you get the same flexibility?


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