3 comments on “Command-line Photographic Workflow on Linux

  1. I note you suggest UFRaw as a potential app for converting Nikon RAW files and it made me think that a possibly interesting article would be a comparison of just what kind of a job each of the available command line RAW utilities does if utilised with the default settings. I have noticed that there really are considerable differences between the output of different apps and so it would probably be interesting to many others and of course any advice you can offer on best possible tweaks would always be most welcome. Thanks again Dmitri for a very interesting article today.

    Regards… Phil

  2. Dude!
    Jes that one gphoto2 dwnld tip was worth the whole article. I usta hafta load digikam and all its required libs on my Slackware box and even then it was iffy for digicam to see my ancient Powershot camera if I didn’t use the the proper incantations and sacrifice a couple chickens. I finally jes skipped the whole mess and bought a USB card reader. Now, Slackware has seen fit to include gphoto2 in its newer versions and that get-all-files command worked flawlessly. You are now on my shortlist of photo bookmarks.

  3. Thanks for linking to my HDR script :)
    I plan on upgrading it to use dcraw instead of UFRaw to have more control over the development options.

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