3 comments on “Process Photos with digiKam’s Batch Queue Manager and a Bash Script

  1. Oh, this is neat. I have a couple of bash scripts I run after manually adjusting and saving to output directories. Also, I’ve just got an Android tablet

    Tangentially: it would be awesome to have a Digikam accessory app on that tablet just for doing triage and tagging. Something that could write sidecar files and that could sync with Digikam’s database. Android itself and the app base are lagging far behind the iPad in several photo-management respects, which is frustrating when the Asus Transformer has an IPS screen. Being ridiculously stubborn, I got a remote desktop app working and tried running Digikam over that to see if I could sort photos from the couch instead of at the desk. It was a bit of a silly exercise, but I get that way with new toys.

  2. Very useful, thanks.
    But maybe you’d want to use this command:
    rsync -av –delete /home/user/Photos/Processed/ /media/0CFA-5602/DCIM/Camera
    no compression (same host) end no subfolder created in Camera.

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