6 comments on “Use the Focal Length Analyzer Script with digiKam

  1. Well, this sounds great, but it does not find the digikam config file and refuses to run:

    $ ./focalAnalyzer.sh -pdf
    Cannot find Digikam config file (digikamrc)

  2. I have to add that it does work, if I remove the entire if & else clause around the line

    It seems that, for some reason, while kde-config is available, it does not point to the correct directory?

  3. This promises to be very useful, but I can not run the script.

    $ ./focalAnalyzer.sh -pdf
    ./focalAnalyzer.sh: line 62: [: ==: unary operator expected
    ./focalAnalyzer.sh: line 67: [: ==: unary operator expected
    ./focalAnalyzer.sh: line 86: select distinct model from ImageMetadata: command not found

    It seems that there is a syntax error? The lines in question are:
    62: if [ $DBTYPE == "QSQLITE" ]; then
    67: elif [ $DBTYPE == "QMYSQL" ]; then
    86: $SQLCOMMAND ‘select distinct model from ImageMetadata’ >$MODELS # List of identified camera models

    Note: I’m running openSuse 11.4 with digikam 1.8 version. The database type is QSQLITE

  4. The script would be a nice addition to Digikam, but it hangs at the mktemp command:

    $ myscripts/focalAnalyzer.sh -png
    Backend is SQLite
    mktemp: invalid option — ‘-‘
    Usage: mktemp [-V] | [-dqtu] [-p prefix] [template]
    myscripts/focalAnalyzer.sh: line 88: $MODELS: ambiguous redirect
    sed: no input files

    Even if I modify the script changing the arguments after ‘mktemp’ the temp file can still not be created.

    Any tips to get this to work?

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