4 comments on “Five Quick digiKam Tricks

  1. Thanks for tip #3, it’s really helpful for other programs using the kde trash as well. I’ll put that in my .profile as up to now it only cleans the Trash/files dir.

    One thing I noticed with the current 2.1.1 version is the mis-orientation of some images. Thumbnails are fine, but images are shown in landscape even for portrait orientation. Happens with both raw and raw-extracted jpegs, but not consistently enough with jpegs from other sources to call it a bug. I suspect it’s a wrong setting, but can’t think of with one it is. Anyone got an idea? This is certainly new behavior, in 2.0 everything was fine.

  2. Wrt tip #2, it would be all fine to hide the original, if only there was an obvious way to undhide it! How can I do that?

    The worst problem with the new way saving images works is that there is no shortcut set for saving changes. I have been hesitant so far setting one, because I am unsure how to get to

  3. i had tip3, and it solved my problem…… but why does it happen? it seems like a bug to me, as my wife and i stuffed around for days with the empty trash as root, each user, scratching heads etc….

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