11 comments on “digiKam in c’t Digital Photography

  1. Hi,

    I wouldn’t mind checking out your digikam article :) I’m not a proffesional by any means but I do shoot a lot and I find that since digikam 2.0 (excepting a few issues with the mysql connection) I didn’t feel the need for anything else. Maybe darktable when I want to process raw files.

  2. spiegel.de also had an article, comparing all photo management tools under linux. i lost the link, but they had some interesting critiques (overall digikam was the best free one i think).

  3. Thanks for the article. Haven’t heard about this mag but talking about digiKam is already the evidence of expertise :)

  4. If you want to give one away, I would be happy to read it. I am in the US at the moment.

  5. I am also interested. I live in Germany, so I would be lucky to recieve one.


  6. Interesting. The international release seems to be a mixture of the german versions 04/11 and 01/12 of “c’t Digitale Fotografie”. Some of the new articles of the german version seem to missing in the international version.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Dmitri, always interested in good mags but it is sometimes hard to find the good ones amongst the chaff. I note your comments on the Linux software and this is very relevant to myself as I very rarely run Windows nowadays and prefer to concentrate my efforts in the Linux camp.

    Always like your articles in Linux Magazine so I am sure the articles in c’T Digital Photography are of the same calibre.

    Thanks again

    … Phil – Perth, Western Australia

  8. C’T as the original computer magazine has always been one of my favorites to keep up with personal computing updates without having to rehash all of the regurgitated yesteryear’s tips & trick other magazines often build on. C’T is fairly technical and sometimes the articles require re-reading a couple of times, just as I like it. It’s the one magazine that I actually keep 2 years of on my bookshelf as well as the only one I actually have an annual subscription to.

    C’T Photography I started reading when it was German-language only and especially the tests were a level above most of the other mags available on the Dutch market. Now that it has gone English speaking, it’s even better.

    My one complaint for all other magazines is that they mostly ignore non-Windows users, luckily enough C’T does the opposite: plenty of tasty open source info.

    My only criticism would be the section for Q&A – it should be bigger and allow for more. It is to good to be cramped on just 2 pages.

  9. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I have a subscription to the Dutch-language version of C’T magazine (the computer mag, not photography) and I seem to remember a few Dutch-language C’T Photography too, I think they were a yearly version. Content was mostly translated directly from the German mother mag and a bit outdated, which is natural if you consider the tiny market of the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium.

    I hope that an English language version will have a broader appeal internationally and therfore will be more up-to-date with more content especially written for it, rather than merely translated content.

    I’ll see if I can find this one in the newsshop and maybe look at my wife lovingly and suggest a second magazine subscription for Xmas…Hohoho!

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