4 comments on “Stitch Panoramas in digiKam

  1. Why did you put that list of binaries in there?
    Nobody wants to change or check on his currently installed helper programs every time he creates a panorama image.
    If there’s something missing, you may show an error message. If it’s all there, why should anybody care?

  2. That is quite neat. Thanks for that.

    BTW, what is the font you are using in there and could you please let me know your anti aliasing settings and hinting style settings. Its impressive :) .

    • For me that font looks strange. On first sight I thought all the text in this window is bolded.

  3. Another thing: why there is so much ‘output’ in the options? I’d think about the photos as ‘panorama’ or ‘image’, not the ‘output’.
    Maybe ‘File format’ group box could be merged into ‘Panorama settings’, if HDR checkbox was named more descriptively to distinguish it from file formats? Now if someone doesn’t know, what HDR is, he/she could take it as an another file format.

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