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Correct Lens Distortion in GIMP with GimpLensfun

While GIMP offers a wide range of tools for working with photos, it lacks one feature that is essential for serious photographers: the ability to automatically fix lens distortion. Fortunately, the GimpLensfun plugin fills the void quite nicely. Continue to

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Process Film Negatives with digiKam

While digiKam is first and foremost an application for processing and organizing digital photos, it also features tools for working with film negatives. Before you can process negatives in digiKam, you need to digitize them. If you don’t have access

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Sophie in North Korea

The longer I think about what we saw and heard, the less sure I am about what any of it actually meant. Continue to read Sophie In North Korea

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Slow-Photography Movement

[…] while taking photos has become a way to mark almost any moment, there is often an unnoticed tradeoff. Photography is so easy that the camera threatens to replace the eyeball. Our cameras are so advanced that looking at what

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Calibrate and Profile Monitor for Use with digiKam

To calibrate a monitor and generate a color profile for it on Linux, you need two things: a colorimeter and color profiling software. High-quality professional colorimeters tend to be rather expensive, but you can use the excellent open source ColorHUG

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Photo of the Day: The Path of Least Resistance

I wanted to do an Arduino-based project, but ended up with this. Taken with Nikon D90 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D. Processed in digiKam. Shutter speed: 1/60 sec. Aperture: f/9 ISO: 200 The photo is published on Wikimedia Commons under the Creative

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Track Photo Locations on Android Device using GPS Map

The GPS Map app can turn an Android device into a handy tool for keeping track of locations you’ve already photographed or plan to photograph later. The app allows you to add so-called placemarks to the map, and you can

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