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Pygmyfoto Update

Although I haven’t mentioned Pygmyfoto lately on this blog, I keep tinkering with the application in my spare time. So I thought I’d post a brief update on my progress. The most important news is that Pygmyfoto now can handle single quotes in

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Pygmyfoto on Raspberry Pi with BlinkStick

Besides this blog and Google+, I publish my photos on a Pygmyfoto instance running on Raspberry Pi at my home. Instead of integrating Pygmyfoto with a third-party web stats application like Piwik, I opted for a less complex, but more colorful solution

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Film for Digital Photographers Series on Japan Camera Hunter

Thinking about dipping your toes into the film photography waters? An article series published on the Japan Camera Hunter blog can be a good starting point for your adventures in analog: Shooting Film AND Digital Film for the Digital Photographer

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Photo of the Day: No. 9

I always wanted to take a decent photo of the facade featured in today’s photo, but because the building stands on a very narrow sidewalk and faces a rather busy street, there is almost no room for maneuvering. The only

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Seamless Photo Transfer and Backup with Android

If you want to keep your photos safe when travelling, you don’t need to schlep a notebook or netbook around: an Android device can be used to pull photos from the camera’s storage card and back them up on an

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Photo of the Day: Dressed in glass

I went to Berlin at the end of May. Between family chores and LinuxTag, I didn’t have much time for photography, save for a quick photo walk in the neighborhood. The weather was not particularly good, and the rain cut my photographic endeavors short.

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