7 comments on “Apply EXIF Metadata to Multiple Photos in digiKam

  1. Hi Dimitri,

    Do you know whether it is planned or not to get Digikam’s powerful metadata management engine backed by the DB as a standalone cataloging-only application without the burden of tweaking the pictures?


  2. Careful, importing the metadata from another picture will overwrite ALL the existing metadata for that image and replace it with the data from the other picture. Importing is fine for copies of the same image but really shouldn’t be used for working with pictures taken at different times. At least for EXIF data anyway.

    There are some situations where you might be OK to import IPTC or XMP (less likely) from one image but that’s basically only if all the metadata in the target images is empty or already the same.

  3. For your correction, its not Tools → Metadata → Import EXIF, but Image → Metadata → Import EXIF.

    Still thanks for this tutorial, I have been searching for such tools on the I’net past 2 months and couldn’t find anything Free! and better than digikam.

    Again, have you released the Kipi plugin? Do we need ti to edit/add Exif data to multiple/batch photos?
    So where to download the Kipi plugin?

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