Photo of the Day: Hinomaru

I snapped 1000+ digital photos and shot 6 rolls of film during our recent trip to Tokyo. There are a handful of photos that I really like, but this one is my absolute favorite. I took this photo on a warm September evening while waiting for my friend near the East Exit of Shinjuku station. There was a taxi stop right next to the exit, and the brightly lit store windows provided a perfect backdrop.


Nikon FE, Tamron 80-210mm f/3.8-4 Adaptall 2, Fujicolor Natura 1600

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2 comments on “Photo of the Day: Hinomaru
  1. matthew says:

    Indescribably beautiful!! Love that film, it reminds me of the 1970s Agfachrome (it was the most realistic, and subtle slide film ever produced. It was a process developed in East Germany).

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