Photo of the Day: Waves

While in Berlin, I shot a roll of C41 black-and-white film from West Yorkshire Cameras. Alas, I’m not particularly impressed by the film. The contrast is somewhat low (I had to increase it in digiKam), the grain is not very pleasing, and the last 3 out of 27 exposures were duds. Oh well, back to the tried-and-tested Ilford XP2 Super 400, then.


Nikon FE and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI

On a related note, I had a chance to visit the FOTOIMPEX store. It specializes in all things film photography and carries a wide range of films and film photography-related supplies. I’ve added FOTOIMPEX to the Shoot Film In wiki.

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3 comments on “Photo of the Day: Waves
  1. adambirchall says:

    I buy all the Adox items I use from FOTOIMPEX, quality products, since most are Agfa recipes etc. By chance, which emulsion turned out dud?

    • matthew says:

      I do not suppose they have reissued the great Agfachrome (late 1960´s – 70´s)? That would be absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Anyway, are the Kentmere film stocks also old Agfa formulas?
      Thank you.
      matthew in the today very soggy mid-western U.S.

      • adambirchall says:

        I’m not sure about the Agfachrome but I do know about Kentmere. Quick 101, it’s now owned by Ilford/Harman in England and it’s not HP5+ or FP4+. Alas I know not of it’s recipes origins.

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