Android Snap of the Day: Viva Bicycle

After staying at home for almost a week because of a nasty cold I caught God knows where, I finally ventured outside. This time, besides my regular companions Nikon FE and EM, I was armed with a Samsung Galaxy S III with freshly installed CyanogenMod and VSCO Cam. Ever since the latter was made available for the Android platform, I was itching to give it a try.

Viva bicycle

It’s getting dark pretty early in December, so there was no time to leisurely walk around looking for something interesting to shoot. Luckily, I stumbled upon this catchy bicycle which I duly snapped and processed in VSCO Cam.

Speaking of VSCO Cam, I really like this app. The default selection of filters is rather limited, but it’s possible to purchase additional bundles. Besides filters, VSCO Cam features a wide range of editing tools wrapped into a user-friendly interface. In short, I have a feeling that this app is going to be my go-to tool for processing and sharing Android snapshots.

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