Photo of the Day: Old Bus Stop Shed

This is an old bus stop shed in Aarhus. It’s not pretty but it’s functional. It offers good protection against rain and wind (and we’ve got a lot of both here in Denmark). I spend many hours in sheds like these while waiting for the bus. Some may call these sheds boring, but I think they are charming in their own way.

There are only very few old bus stop sheds left in Aarhus. Most of them were replaced with modern glass-and-steel structures the primary purpose of which is to display ads. The new sheds don’t provide any protection against wind and rain, but they do attract vandals whose idea of fun is smashing glass walls.

Maybe it’s yet another any sign of me getting old, but I’d rather prefer it if the city kept the old sheds. Well, at least I’ve managed to snap a photo of one of the remaining old sheds before they disappear for good.

Old bus stop shed

Nikon EM, Tamron 28mm f/2.8 Adaptall, Ilford XP2 Super 400.

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  1. mash says:

    No you’re not getting old. You are right on the topic of bus-stops. Anyway, I like your images cause they inspire me. Any surrounding offers perspectives that are worth making an image. At least to improve photographic skills…

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