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New Version of Photocrumbs

I had a few hours to spare last Sunday evening, so I thought I’d tweak a few things in Photocrumbs. But what started as some minor modifications resulted in an entirely reworked version of the application. If you take a

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Mobile photography, the future, and the masses: part II

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Photo of the Day: Sky Ladder

Today’s photo of a high-rise apartment complex looks like an unfinished railway track, or a ladder,  or a concrete stripped-down pagoda. As you may notice, the photo was taken using the Tamron SP 28-80mm f/3.5-4.2 Adaptall 2 lens. This lens

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The Hidden Beauty of Airport Runways, and How to Decipher Them

Airports are known for rules and regulations, a reputation that applies to the runways as well. Almost all airport designs are governed by regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization to ensure pilots circling Toledo or Timbuktu remain properly

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How to Sort and Remove Duplicate Photos in Linux

In the olden days of photography we thought were ready for anything with a few 36-exposure film cassettes in our bags. Now we can capture gigabytes of photos in just a few minutes, without reloading. […] Over the years I’ve

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How to Resize, Rename, Sort and Proof Photos from the Command Line

The ImageMagick suite of image processing and manipulating commands has been around forever, and lurks in all kinds of places: it is the image-processing backend in Drupal, Lyx, OpenShot, and many more. ImageMagick is über-powerful, and because it is a

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digiKam Recipes 3.15.07 Released

A new version of the digiKam Recipes ebook is available for download. Nothing earth-shattering this time: just a slightly refreshed cover, a few tweaks here and there, and a new appendix containing a list of useful digiKam keyboard shortcuts. Readers

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