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Walk in the Botanical Garden

Although I mostly wield a film SLR camera loaded with a black and white film nowadays, it’s nice to grab a digital camera and photograph colorful stuff for a change. And despite the fact that most plants in the outdoor area

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Photocrumbs is Now Mejiro

Photocrumbs has served well as a working name for my spare-time coding project. But the time has come to give my forgetful photo publishing PHP script a proper name. It took me a while to come up with a good name. I wanted a short and catchy

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Photo of the Day: Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Whenever I visit the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, I think about Kobo Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes novel and film. Like the main character, the lighthouse is fighting an eternal battle against the sand, and there is no happy end to this

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Photos Of A Soviet Union That Once Was

Fine art photographer Rebecca Litchfield was commissioned earlier this year to photograph the abandoned buildings of the former Soviet Union and its Satellite states. In a long trip spanning over 10 countries and a year of many individual trips, Rebecca

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What Flickr Looks Like On a 25-Year-Old Macintosh

What was it like to browse Flickr back in 1989? We don’t know, because Flickr didn’t exist then. However, thanks to a clever setup from Flickr user Jeff Jackson, we get a little glimpse at what it would be like.

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Film diaries: why we shoot film and digital differently

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Timera Allows Users to Create Then & Now Photographs with Ease on iOS and Android

Timera 2 is the second iteration of a rather unique then-and-now compositing app that crowdsources photographs from around the globe and allows you to easily document the changes that have taken place in the world around you over the decades.

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