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Repost: Basic street photography techniques

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digiKam Recipes 3.17.01 Released

A new version of the digiKam Recipes ebook is available for download. The new release features a slightly tweaked cover and the new Fix keywords with ExifTool recipe. Readers who already purchased the book will receive the new version free of charge.

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Italian Film Company Ferrania to Start Making 35mm and 120 Film Again in Mid-September

Film photographers are used to options slowly fading away, but today we have news of the opposite variety: a film company making a dramatic return to the game. Originally announced via blog post in July of last year, Italian film

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The men behind the EOS-1 series SLRs: design & technology

Canon is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the EOS-1 series, the company’s flagship range of SLR cameras, which began with the launch of the EOS-1 film SLR in 1989. CPN recently got the unique opportunity to talk to two of

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A photo reflects the photographer

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The First 100 Years of Camera Advertising

Ever since the invention of photography, we’ve been deeply fascinated by cameras and the images they produce. Historically, we’ve used them to capture portraits for sharing with families and followers alike, as well as to document political upheavals and our visits around the world; more recently, we’ve

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Photo of the Day: Pavilhão de Portugal

The Pavilhão de Portugal in Parque das Nações features a simple yet distinctive design that resembles a sheet of paper placed on top of two bricks. The overall effect is as if the concrete roof is bent under its own weight. This minimalist yet expressive construction

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