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[REPOST] Take a Tour of Beirut Through Its Stunning Architecture

Many in the West too often think of Beirut as a city scarred by war and terror. But the capital of Lebanon is a beautiful, modern city, one utterly remade after the country’s civil war ended in 1990. Gleaming skyscrapers tower

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digiKam Recipes 4.9.7 Released

A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your perusal. This version features the new Use Exposure Indicators recipe along with the updated Find the Shutter Count Value with digiKam recipe. Astute readers will also notice the new cover. That’s all there is to

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Open Source Optical Flash Trigger that Works with Any Camera

Normally, you can’t use a camera without a hot shoe with an external flash unit. But a relatively simple Photon-based device can solve this problem. Many external flash units (including older ones) can be triggered by shorting (i.e., closing the circuit)

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[REPOST] Take a Tour of Technicolor Cities Around the World

The flat textures and aqua-hued tones of Ben Thomas’ urban landscapes wouldn’t look out of place in a graphic novel, but don’t be fooled, these are photographs, not illustrations. Continue reading Take a Tour of Technicolor Cities Around the World.

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[REPOST] Boring postcards, USSR: a photographer’s road trip into the communist past

Italian photographer Marco Citron is drawn to natural and urban landscapes. Here, he has appropriated the aesthetics of vintage postcards to showcase the idiosyncratic architectural experiments of the Soviet era. Continue reading Boring postcards, USSR: a photographer’s road trip into the

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digiKam Recipes 4.9.5 Released

A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your reading pleasure. This version features the Using Album Categories recipe and reworked material on using the tagging functionality in digiKam. As always, the new release includes minor updates, fixes and tweaks. There

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[REPOST] The Vivid, Disappearing Fishing Boats of Greece

The image of a fisherman casting his net from a small, wooden boat bobbing in the cerulean water of the Mediterranean Sea is as much a part of the Greek’s heritage as its ancient architecture, rich literature, and exquisite cuisine. The boats,

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