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Italy’s Summer Beaches Look Even More Beautiful From Above

Photographers don’t ever really  take vacations. They’re always shooting. Or thinking about shooting.Take Bernhard Lange, for example. When the German photographer visited an Italian resort on the Adriatic Sea, all he could think about was how the endless rows of

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Berlin Street Photography of the 1920s

If you think about Berlin in the 1920s today, there are a lot of clichés and stereotypes that come to your mind: the „dance on the volcano“, women with short hair, feather boas and cigarette holders, and men wearing suspenders

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Transform an Android Device into an Open Source Camera

Transforming an Android device into an open source-based camera is actually easier than you might think. And while there are not very many Android open source photography apps out there, all the essential pieces are available on F-Droid and elsewhere. Install CyanogenMod There

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The Gift of the Daguerreotype

In 1829, a French artist and designer named Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre struck a partnership with fellow inventor Joseph-Nicephore Niépce to develop a method to permanently capture the fleeting images visible in a camera obscura. Niépce passed away suddenly in

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Focal Camera is an Open-Source Modular Analog Camera Building System

The Focal Camera is an open-source modular analog camera building system, free of charge and low in material-costs that allows anyone to build working cameras ranging from SLRs to stereo. Through a system of pre-designed modules, each housing a particular function, not

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This Homemade Instant Camera Uses Raspberry Pi and a Thermal Printer

Photographer Arvid Larsson recently made himself a portable instant camera that’s powered by a Raspberry Pi computer camera and thermal receipt printer. Continue reading This Homemade Instant Camera Uses Raspberry Pi and a Thermal Printer.

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This is How Press Photos Were Transmitted Back in the 1970s

In our world of digital photography and high speed Internet, photojournalists can quickly and easily send large numbers of high-res photos to the other side of the globe. Things weren’t always so convenient. Continue reading This is How Press Photos

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