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Images of a Russian City Destroyed by Modern Construction

Known as “the town of seven hills”, the city of Cheboksary, Russia is rolling with ridges and ravines that scatter local landmarks and housing across the uneven landscape. At just under 500,000 citizens, Cheboksary has seen a radical change in the

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Brutalist Dreadnought: Forschungseinrichtungen für Experimentelle Medizin

If you take a look at photos of the Forschungseinrichtungen für Experimentelle Medizin (FEM) building floating on the web, you’ll be forgiven for doubting that such a phantasmagorical structure can actually exist. To prove that it’s real, I went to Berlin to photograph it, and

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Mejiro Update: Better Navigation, RAW Linking, and More

Time for another quick yet important Mejiro update. To improve navigation, the new version uses photo thumbnails instead of Home, Next, and Previous links. If you upload a photo in the JPEG format along with its RAW version, Mejiro automatically

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This Basement Darkroom from 1975 Was Designed to Look Like the Bridge of a Spaceship

Photographer Jack Turkel was born at around the same time as NASA, and grew up with a fantasies of space exploration as the modern space age was swinging into high gear. When he began his photography career in the mid

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Photographs That Reveal the Intricate Innards of Old Mechanical Calculators

Photographer Kevin Twomey has a fascination with capturing complex objects in the most simple of compositions, and his series Low Tech is the epitome of this. The series features photos of old, mechanical calculators stripped bare, exposing the exquisitely complicated

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Smartphones versus DSLRs versus film: A look at how far we’ve come

With a deluge of three new cameras released every week, I’d completely lost perspective. Just how far have we come since film? Where would a modern smartphone camera fit into the evolution of digital SLRs? Would it be like DSLRs

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Little Mejiro Book Released

In my spare time, I tinker with Mejiro — a simple PHP-based script for instant photo publishing. I use Mejiro to publish photos processed in digiKam, and you can see the script in action at While Mejiro is supremely

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