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The Inside of a WWI Submarine was Creepy and Claustrophobic

On July 19, 1918, the twin-screw U-boat 110 was engaging a merchant vessel convoy in the North Sea off the town of Hartlepool when she was forced to the surface by Allied depth charges. She was then rammed and sunk

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Satellite Images Reveal Humanity’s Mighty Impact, for Better or Worse

Benjamin Grant’s career as curator of startling satellite imagery began with, of all things, a problem with Apple’s much-maligned Maps app. He was preparing a lecture for friends about space and the overview effect and typed “Earth” to see if

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Parisian Floors Photo Series Reminds Us To Look Down More Often

With your head in the clouds, we may often forget the beauty that lies under our feet. Photographer Sebastian Erras reminds us of the beauty that we can find by taking photos of striking floor designs that he finds throughout

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Why People Never Smiled in Old Photographs

In most old photos — those taken in the 19th century and early 20th century — people aren’t smiling. That’s led to the popular belief that people simply didn’t smile in old photos. Like in this depressing wedding photo from

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Berlin in the 90s

It’s too easy to take for granted the Berlin that we all know today. Beautiful old Altbauten next to modern light apartment buildings, an abundance of cafes, restaurants and little independent shops along the big malls. A city full of

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The Picturesque Views of Europe’s Invisible Borders

TWENTY YEARS AGO, a treaty called the The Schengen Agreement opened the borders between 26 nations in the European Union. The intimidating barriers that once stood between countries vanished, allowing people to move about freely. Continue reading The Picturesque Views of Europe’s

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JPEG 2000: The Better Alternative to JPEG That Never Made it Big

At the turn of the century, the Joint Photographic Experts Group created what they considered to be the next generation of JPEG image compression. Suitably named JPEG 2000, the standard promised better compression performance with improved image quality. Continue reading JPEG

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