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Photographer Captures the Ruins of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

Russian urban exploration photographer Ralph Mirebs recently paid a visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where inside a giant abandoned hangar are decaying remnants of prototypes from the Soviet space shuttle program. Continue reading Photographer Captures the Ruins of the Soviet

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Photographer Captures the Beauty and Diversity of Australian Fungi

Photographer Steve Axford lives in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia, where he has spent a considerable amount of time exploring the rainforest with his camera in hand. Among his favorite subjects are Australian fungi, which come

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Lost Japan of Samurai and Courtesans in Some of World’s Earliest Colour Photos

The group of five formidable samurai warriors in brightly coloured armour stare, stern-faced, into the camera. It could be a photograph from a modern-day movie set. But it is actually one of the earliest colour photographs ever taken. Continue reading Amazing

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Photographer Arranges Foods In Beautiful Color Gradients That Will Soothe Your Soul

Color gradients and food as it ripens or cooks really get Brittany Wright, of Wright Kitchen, Seattle, going. Inspired by abstract artists, not food photography, her goal is to get people more familiar with what they eat by documenting how

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Photos of Giant Science Facilities That Look Straight Out of Science Fiction

Scientists around the world create massive and elaborate facilities for carrying out groundbreaking research. Photographer Enrico Sacchetti is a guy who specializes in capturing them on camera. He’s a “science, technology, and industrial” photographer based out of Rome and London,

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Photos of the Colossal Duga-3 Radar System Built by the Soviet Union

Duga-3 is a radar system set up by the Soviet Union in the 1970s as part of the nation’s anti-ballistic missile early warning system. Although official operations were ended in 1989, the gigantic antenna of the original Duga-3 still dominates

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Install an ICC Display Profile on Kubuntu with KDE Plasma 5

ColorHUG, an inexpensive open source colorimeter, is a great little tool for calibrating a display and generating an ICC profile for it. But if you migrated to the latest version of Kubuntu featuring KDE Plasma 5, you might wonder how to install the

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