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Self-Taught Chinese Street Photographer Tao Liu Has an Eye for Peculiar Moments

Up until recently, Tao Liu was just an unknown water meter reader in China with an interest in photography. Then people started noticing his clever photos captured on sidewalks, and now Liu has become one of China’s hottest street photographers.

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CameraSelfies: Portraits of Historical Cameras Taking Pictures of Themselves

What if cameras got tired of participating in human selfies and decided one day to start taking pictures of themselves? That’s the quirky idea behind a project called “CameraSelfies” by German photographer Juergen Novotny (who also goes by J. Flynn

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Olympus O-Product

These days retro design is quite the thing, especially in cameras, such as superb examples from Fujifilm (X100 series, X-T1), and more clumsy ones like the Nikon Df. In the automotive field the standouts are the VW Beetle and the MINI. Long before

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The Photographer’s Introduction to Color, from Color Space to Monitor Calibration

If you’re a photographer today, you’re probably sharing your photos everywhere from Facebook to Flickr. Your photos are being seen on every device possible: iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, crappy Dell office monitors, and Mac Retina Displays. Each online service, each device,

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What is Reciprocity Failure and How to Correct It

You all probably have a good grip on exposure by now, and how it is an interplay of aperture and shutter speed used to control the amount of light that hits the film. In case you don’t, or rather for the sake

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The Online Photographer: Voja Mitrovic, Printer to the Greats

This is the untold story of one of the greatest printers of black-and-white photographs in the history of photography—Voja Mitrovic. It is time that this man, who has literally been in the dark since arriving in Paris from Yugoslavia in

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Outside in: 25 foreign photographers shooting the post-Soviet world

For all that Russia is a part of the world under perennial international scrutiny, it’s still hard to come across photography that offers a fresh and complex view of the country and its post-Soviet neighbours. From exhilarating architectural imagery to

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