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Add EXIF Metadata to Photos with a Bash One-Liner

If you need to write EXIF data to multiple photos, a simple yet efficient Bash shell script might be a better tool for the job than the all-mighty digiKam. The script consists of a command, and it uses the excellent

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Restoring Letter Paint on Vintage Cameras

Brassing is one thing, chipped paint is another. The former gives your camera a classy vintage look, the latter makes the camera look ugly. Case in point, my recently acquired Nikkormat FTn. Most lettering and markings on the camera look

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Say Hello to Nikkormat FTn

Allow me to introduce a new member of my little camera family — Nikkormat FTn. I bought this well-worn work horse for a pittance. Judging by the overall shape, the camera was heavily used, but not abused. There are a

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Focal: Open Source Camera App for Android

Serious Android photographers need a serious camera app that offers advanced functionality and is not overloaded with useless features. They need something like Focal. This open source app is still at an early stage of development, but it already shows

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Exif4Film: Handy Android App for Film Photographers

While you can use a regular notebook to keep track of exposure info (shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc.), it’s hardly an ideal solution. But if you happen to use an Android device, you can replace the notebook with the

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ShootFilmIn: Wiki for Film Photographers

To keep track of film development labs and stores that carry film in cities around the world, I’ve set up a no-frills wiki. While this is a strictly personal project, I thought I’d make it public in the hope that

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New Camera in My Bag: Nikon L35AF

Look, there is a new film camera in my photo bag! I was leisurely browsing a local auction website the other day when I stumbled upon this Nikon L35AF unit. I didn’t actually need a new film camera, but at

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