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Simple Photo Hack: Use a Vintage Optical Viewfinder with a Mirrorless Camera

Despite its age and budget status, my trusty SONY NEX-3N still serves me well. But the lack of an optical viewfinder (OVF) hasn’t become any less annoying with time. Although the camera has a decent display, it becomes pretty much unusable on

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digiKam Explained: Chroma Subsampling

When configuring saving settings for the JPEG format in the Saving Images section of the Configure digiKam window, you can choose between medium and high chroma subsampling, or disable it altogether. But what is chroma subsampling and what does it do? As

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digiKam Recipes 4.9.9 Released

A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your reading pleasure. This version adds two new recipes: Chroma Subsampling Explained (tucked under Configure digiKam) and Create Embeddable Maps with digiKam and uMap. That’s all there is to it this time around. Readers who already purchased the

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New Year Mejiro Update

I’m ringing in the new year with a Mejiro update. The current version of Mejiro has a few improvements and tweaks in store. Most notably, the application can now handle subfolders, so you can group photos in folders inside the photo directory

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digiKam 5 Beta 2 Is Out. Try It Now on Ubuntu

digiKam 5 is going to be a significant release bringing a lot of important improvements and new features. But you don’t have to wait till the new version of the application appears in the official software repositories of your preferred

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digiKam Recipes 4.9.7 Released

A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your perusal. This version features the new Use Exposure Indicators recipe along with the updated Find the Shutter Count Value with digiKam recipe. Astute readers will also notice the new cover. That’s all there is to

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Open Source Optical Flash Trigger that Works with Any Camera

Normally, you can’t use a camera without a hot shoe with an external flash unit. But a relatively simple Photon-based device can solve this problem. Many external flash units (including older ones) can be triggered by shorting (i.e., closing the circuit)

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