A Blast from the Past: How the World of Photography Was Changing Back in 1887

A Blast from the Past: How the World of Photography Was Changing Back in 1887

Back in 1887, a photography instructor named Edward M. Estabrooke published a book titled Photography in the Studio and in the Field. It was “a practical manual designed as a companion alike to the professional and the amateur photographer.”

Filled with detailed information on how to practice photography with the equipment and technologies of the time, the book also contains interesting passages that describe how the world of photography was changing.

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digiKam Quick Tip: Using Album Categories

Did you know that you can assign categories to albums in digiKam? To do this, right-click on an album, choose Properties from the context menu, and the desired category from the Category drop-down list.


To edit the list of existing categories, choose Settings → Configure digiKam and switch to the Album Category section. You can then add a new category as well as edit the existing entries.

Assigning categories to albums makes it easier to sort and organize albums. The View → Sort Albums → By Category command can be used to arrange albums by their categories, and you can use categories as a search criteria in advanced search queries.

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Inside a Camera at 10,000 fps

A fascinating look at the mechanics of a modern DSLR shutter brought to you by The Slow Mo Guys.

via PetaPixel

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How to Scan Film – Colour

How to scan film - Colour - Japan Camera Hunter

In this guide we will focus on toning color images in a more practical way and will discuss two different scanners and their software, the Epson V600 and the Kodak/Pakon F135. The key word here is practical, my intention is to offer a simple, repeatable workflow that respects the natural colors of your film and doesn’t take ages to complete, making film shooting more intentional and adequate in this digital world.

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Luminosity Masking in darktable

Luminosity Masking in darktable

Luminosity Masking, the ability to create selections of your image based on its specific tones for ultra-targeted editing, is a relatively recent concept favoured by landscape photographers the world over. In this article, we will explore how to create and use Luminosity Masks in the F/OSS RAW editor darktable, so that you can make adjustments on your RAW files to isolated tones.

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Gear Avoidance Syndrome: It Might Be Healthy For Your Photography

GAS, also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is very common among photographers. It simply means that you just can’t get enough new lenses, equipment and upgrade your cam as soon as possible in order to have more options and – according to the seemingly prevalent opinion – become better. But have you ever thought about the opposite side of this imaginary disease – the Gear Avoidance Syndrome? A syndrome that might even be good for you and your photography. And your wallet.

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Photographer Shoots a Portrait of Every Book Reader Spotted on the Subway

Photographer Shoots a Portrait of Every Book Reader Spotted on the Subway

“The Last Book” is an interesting series of images collected by Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen, who spent 13 weeks over 3 years scouring the subway system of New York City for riders reading books. Every time he saw one, he would snap a picture and make a note of the book that was being read.

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