These 1913 Autochrome Portraits Are From the Early Days of Color Photography

These 1913 Autochrome Portraits Are From the Early Days of Color Photography

Mervyn O’Gorman was an English engineer whose artistic interests turned him into one of the early pioneers of color photography. Using the Autochrome Lumière process that was launched in 1907, O’Gorman shot images that are now regularly featured in exhibitions of early color photos.

Among his best known works are a series of color photos of his daughter, Christina, taken in 1913.

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Use Geofix to Geotag Photos in digiKam

Geofix is a simple Python script that lets you use an Android device to record the geographical coordinates of your current position. The clever part is that the script stores the obtained latitude and longitude values in the digiKam-compatible format, so you can copy the saved coordinates and use them to geotag photos in digiKam’s Geo-location module.


To deploy Geofix on your Android device, install the SL4A and PythonForAndroid APK packages from the Scripting Layer for Android website. Copy then the script to the sl4a/scripts directory on the internal storage of your Android device. Open the SL4A app, and launch the script. For faster access, you can add to the homescreen an SL4A widget that links to the script.

Instead of using SL4A and Python for Android, which are all but abandoned by Google, you can opt for QPython. In this case, you need to use the script. Copy it to the com.hipipal.qpyplus/scripts directory, and use the QPython app to launch the script.

Both scripts save obtained data in the geofix.tsv tab-separated file and the geofix.sqlite database. You can use a spreadsheet application like LibreOffice Calc to open the former, or you can run the supplied web app to display data from the geofix.sqlite database in the browser. To do this, run the script in the geofix-web directory by issuing the ./ command in the Terminal.

To geotag photos in digiKam using the data from Geofix, copy the desired coordinates in the digiKam format (e.g., geo:56.1831455,10.1182492). Select the photos you want to geotag and choose Image → Geo-location. Select the photos, right-click on the selection, and choose Paste coordinates.

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Exploded Views – Minolta SRT 201

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Minolta SRT 201 Exploded View 1

We’re back with another ridiculous explosion of camera parts, and this time we’ve completely disassembled an old, broken down Minolta SRT-201. This all-mechanical marvel of Japanese ingenuity comes from one of the best line-ups of SLRs ever, Minolta’s SRT range.

Well-known for their incredible durability, all-metal construction, and fully-mechanical operation, these machines were long-lived workhorses of photo-journalists and pro photographers back in the day, and their excellent DNA ensures they’re still clanking away today.

We reviewed the Minolta SRT-202 last year, and found it to be a fantastic machine with very few drawbacks. We found its outstanding CLC metering system to be particularly noteworthy, and getting a peak at how it’s actually built is pretty damn interesting.

We’re also quite impressed by the watch-like construction of the camera’s self-timer assembly. So impressed were we that we made a video, so you too can see it ticking away like a fine timepiece.

For amazing camera porn, our video, and…

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Photographs of Old Japan’s Glorious Art of Soba Delivery

Photographs of Old Japan’s Glorious Art of Soba Delivery | Spoon & Tamago

Nowadays when we order takeout we open an app, push a few buttons and 30 minutes later someone shows up on a motorcycle with your food. But in the olden days in Japan it was obviously a bit different. Demae, which literally means “to go in front of” is thought to have originated as early as the mid-Edo period in the 1700s.

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5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras

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Best Point and Shoot cameras (1)

So you want to shoot film but you’re not so interested in manual focusing, exposure modes, aperture, ISO, and all that technical nonsense? Tired of heavy SLRs and cumbersome controls? The warm weather’s here and you just want to throw a camera in your bag, go on adventures with your friends, and effortlessly shoot amazing pictures, right?

We get it, and so did every camera manufacturer interested in turning a profit in the 1980s. The decade of the DeLorean and Johnny Five promised high-tech wonders in a compact form, and camera makers managed to deliver on that promise year after year.

What’s this mean for you? An abundance of choice. Today’s shooter can find an astounding number of lightweight, portable, and perfectly capable point and shoot cameras for every budget. Find the one for you and you’ll be shooting everything in sight without a care in the world.

Here are five point and shoot film cameras with…

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Linux Brought to Canon DSLRs by Magic Lantern

Linux Brought to Canon DSLRs by Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern is announcing that it has passed a new milestone in hacking DSLRs: making Linux run on Canon DSLR cameras.

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After the 1960s Harlem Exodus, the People Who Stayed

After the 1960s Harlem exodus, the people who stayed

Jack Garofalo (1923-2004), one of the leading photographers for Paris Match magazine, spent six weeks in Harlem, New York, in the summer of 1970. His images were the cover story for Match in October that year.

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