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Brutalist Dreadnought: Forschungseinrichtungen für Experimentelle Medizin

If you take a look at photos of the Forschungseinrichtungen für Experimentelle Medizin (FEM) building floating on the web, you’ll be forgiven for doubting that such a phantasmagorical structure can actually exist. To prove that it’s real, I went to Berlin to photograph it, and

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Photo of the Day: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin

The embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin is a prime example of brutalist architecture. You can like or dislike this architectural style, but one thing is certain: the in-your-face concrete aesthetics of brutalist buildings is impossible to ignore, and

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Photo of the Day: Waves

While in Berlin, I shot a roll of C41 black-and-white film from West Yorkshire Cameras. Alas, I’m not particularly impressed by the film. The contrast is somewhat low (I had to increase it in digiKam), the grain is not very

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Photo of the Day: Dressed in glass

I went to Berlin at the end of May. Between family chores and LinuxTag, I didn’t have much time for photography, save for a quick photo walk in the neighborhood. The weather was not particularly good, and the rain cut my photographic endeavors short.

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Trip to Berlin

I’m writing this on the train heading home from Berlin — the coolest city in Europe, if you ask me. Visiting Berlin is always something I look forward to: my mom lives there, and there is always something interesting going

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