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Basic RAW Processing in digiKam

For this project, we’ll use a photo of the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain (you can download the RAW file from The photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot S90 camera, and the RAW file exhibits several obvious

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Process RAW Files with Rawstudio

Photo management software like digiKam can help you to process, organize, and manage your photos, but if your photographic workflow is built around RAW files, then you might consider a more specialized application like Rawstudio. This software darkroom offers a

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Process RAW Files in digiKam

digiKam usually does a decent job of decoding RAW files using the default settings. But if you prefer to have complete control of how the application processes RAW files, choose Settings » Configure digiKam, switch to the RAW Decoding section,

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Editing RAW Photos on Linux with Rawstudio 2.0

The Rawstudio raw photo editor made its 2.0 release on April 8, boasting a hefty list of improvements. There are new features, such as tethered shooting and automatic distortion correction, almost every tool in the toolbox has seen an improvement

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Convert RAW Files to DNG with DNGConverter

digiKam comes with a nifty batch utility that allows you to convert RAW files to the DNG format. The question is, of course, why you would want to do that. After all, digiKam can handle RAW files without any problem,

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Moving to digiKam

For ages, I’ve been using Google Picasa to manage and tweak photos I took with my point-and-shoot cameras. Its editing tools are pretty limited, and the Linux version is just a not-so-pretty port that runs in Wine. When I moved

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