[REPOST] Photographer Transforms the World into Soothing Sights

London-based photographer Denis Cherim is so in love with happenstance moments that he has dedicated much of his spare time to capturing all the soothing sights the world has to offer in a photo series entitled the Coincidence Project.

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[REPOST] The Mesmerizing Architecture of Mosques

When we walk into a beautiful, ornate cathedral or mosque our necks reflexively whip upward. The body senses the eerieness of a vast indoor space, and the eyes are rewarded with intricate and gorgeous architecture. But our gaze can only see part of the artwork at a time, and the blood rushing from our heads limits our ability to stare.

Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri gives us an opportunity to see the entirety of these incredible spaces all at once. His fully panoramic, expansive photographs of centuries-old mosques reveal the genius of their geometries and complexity. The effect is dizzying in a different way, like some kind of fractalized religious hallucination.

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[REPOST] How’d You Get That Picture? Ryann Ford’s Rest Stop Series

In 2007, photographer Ryann Ford packed up her things and made the move from Southern California to Austin, Texas, taking Route 66 to get there. Along the way, she discovered her next photography subject — the rest stop. Intrigued by the mock adobe dwellings in New Mexico and faux oil rigs in Texas, Ford began to investigate the story behind these quirky pieces of mid-century modern architecture.

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[REPOST] 100-Year-Old Photos Capture Authentic Daily Life in Japan

These rare shots of vintage Japan during 1908 are thanks to the acute artistic eye of Arnold Genthe. The German-born American scholar honed his photographic talent on the streets, spending his off-time roaming through his city with a partially hidden camera in attempts of recording memorable moments. This intriguing series was collected during a 6-month visit to Japan, during which Genthe managed to share his perspective of the vivid daily experiences of its local citizens.

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Meet Raspberry Pi Zero-Based Little Backup Box

Before my recent trip to Tokyo, I spent some time writing, debugging, and optimizing my Little Backup Box script that transforms a Raspberry Pi into a mobile backup device. A Raspberry Pi Model B 2 running the script served me well during my trip, but it wasn’t without its limitations. First and foremost, because of Model B 2’s power consumption, I had to use it with a power supply. This meant that the device wasn’t truly mobile, and I had to wait until I got back to my hotel room before I could back up RAW files and photos from my cameras. Although the entire setup wasn’t that big in size, it still wasn’t pocketable.

So as soon I returned home and got over the jetlag, I started devising ways to improve my original design. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Raspberry Pi Zero by ordering it right after it was announced. But since then, it was idly sitting in a box, as I couldn’t come up with a good use for it. Going through my bookmarks, I stumbled upon a link to the Zero4U USB hub for Raspberry Pi Zero from UUGear, and I thought that this was exactly what I needed to turn my Raspberry Pi Zero into a miniature version of the original backup box. I promptly ordered Zero4U along with an acrylic case for the hub and a Raspberry Pi Zero sandwich. Once the components had arrived, it took me only a few minutes to assemble them and test the setup with a generic 2200mAh power bank. It worked like a charm, so I present to you the latest version of the backup device. Here are a few other peripherals the backup device is using:

  • Transcend USB card reader
  • BlickStick Nano (optional but handy for basic visual feedback)
  • SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB drive (provides enough storage for backing up RAW files and photos on the move)
  • Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi USB adapter

So here it is: a cheap, light, and pocketable backup box that does the job with a minimum of fuss. Better still, the accompanying installer script enables and configures the miniDLNA server on the backup box, so you can view backed up photos on any DLNA-capable device.

If you are interested in setting up and using a similar mobile backup device, the Linux Photography book by yours truly has all the info you need.

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[REPOST] The 50 Millimeter Lens Is The Only One You Need

If he were alive today, legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson would marvel at all the choices a modern shooter must make before arriving at “the decisive moment.” The roadblocks to creativity we place before ourselves are more prevalent than ever. Camera makers update their lenses, sensors, and formats with over­whelming frequency. We can read hundreds of expert (and not-so-expert) opinions on every new piece of gear before we even begin to think about where to point the thing and when to press the shutter.

While we all search for the one camera system that will somehow allow us to elevate our technique, a humble and ingenious solution has been here the whole time, ready for us to embrace or rediscover its beautiful simplicity: the 50-mm lens.

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[REPOST] How this odd-looking camera changed how we take photos

In the 1930s, Soviet designers created a camera that was the first pioneering step towards the SLR cameras we still use today.

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