Using Templates in digiKam

You will be forgiven for thinking that copyrighting photos belongs to the realm of professional photography. Even if you consider yourself an amateur, providing copyright and contact information for your photos is a prudent thing to do. Embedding copyright info into each photo may sound like a daunting proposition, but digiKam provides a nifty template feature which lets you create copyright templates and apply them to multiple photos in one go.

To create a new template, choose Settings -> Configure digiKam and switch to the Template section. Give your template a name in the Template Title field and fill out the rest of the available fields. When you are finished, press the Add button to save the template. To modify an existing template, select it from the template list, edit the template, and press the Replace button to save the changes. To apply the template to desired photos, select them, expand the Capture/Tags right sidebar, and switch to the Information section. Select the template from the Template drop-down list and press the Apply button.

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4 comments on “Using Templates in digiKam
  1. Anonymous Showered says:

    The screenshot is unreadable.

  2. Ross says:

    Wouldn’t it make sense to rename the “REPLACE” button with “UPDATE”? To me “REPLACE” doesn’t make sense. I want to update the metadata information, not replace it.

  3. Heya. Very interesting feature indeed, I was about to write my own gimp script to do that, instead I will give a shot at digikam.

    A side note: the feature does not seem available on version 0.9 (debian package). Maybe you should mention at the head of the section at which version of the software do template appear? I will upgrade to a more recent version but having the information to begin with would have save me some time and search (and can still save some time to others).

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