Instant Photo Sharing with B3

My photography workflow is based on two key tools: the digiKam photo management application and a B3 personal Linux-based server. While I use digiKam for processing and managing photos, Bubba Two takes care of storing my image files and backs them up in the cloud. But that’s only one of Bubba Two’s many talents. This little server also comes with its own photo album software which lets you instantly share photos on the Web. It’s not a Flickr killer, but it can come in rather handy if you want to turn your photos into a photo album and share it with a selected group of people in the entire world with a minimum of fuss.

“By why not use one of many photo sharing services instead?” you may ask. For a number of reasons. Say, I want to share photos from my last trip with a few friends and family. Using Flickr or any other service for that would mean uploading a few gigabytes of photos, which takes time and can be rather impractical if I have to remove them afterwards. Also, some of the people I want to show my photos to are not registered with Flickr, so I either have to make my photos public or persuade them to join Flickr. But why bother, if I can just create a photo album and a viewer account on my B3, and send people the link to it along with the login info?

Using B3, to turn a folder with photos into an album is as easy as pie. In B3’s Web interface, click on the Photos icon. Press the Create album button in the main toolbar, give your album a name, enter an optional description, and press Next. Configure the available the access options, press Next, pick the photos you want to add to the album, and hit Create Album. That’s all there is to it.

Photo galleries generated by B3 allow visitors to browse the shared photos either one by one or as a slideshow as well as download original images. All in all, while the photo sharing functionality of B3 is rather bare-bones, it can be useful when you want to quickly share the photos stored on your server.

Disclamer: I work for Excito as an evangelist and community manager, but I was using Bubba Two long before my gig with the company.

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  1. Photo sharing is a blessing- just make sure you keep control of your photos- I use Pixamo in which every user must register and log in every time they want to view my non public content- This way I can control who sees each individual photo and video.

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