Cross-processing with digiKam

Although digiKam can’t rival dedicated image manipulation applications like the GIMP, it does have several essential editing tools which can help you to turn plain photos into striking images. For example, using the Curves Adjustment tool, you can apply the cross-processing effect to a photo. This effect is achieved by adjusting curves in three separate channels. In the Red and Green channels, you need to raise the red and green levels in the highlights, and to drop the red and green levels in the shadows. You have to do the exact opposite in the Blue channel.

In digiKam, open the photo you want to edit, and choose Color | Curves Adjustment. Select Red from the Channel drop-down list and use the mouse to adjust the curve. Repeat this procedure for the Green and Blue channels.

Instead of fiddling with curves, you can use a preset file created by yours truly as a starting point. Grab the preset file, press the Load button in the Adjust Curves window, and select the downloaded file. You can then tweak the existing settings to your liking. Once you’re satisfied with the result, save the modified profile by pressing the Save As button. So next time you want to apply the cross-processing effect, you simply load the saved preset file.

Do you have your own favorite presets? Feel free to share them with others.

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6 comments on “Cross-processing with digiKam
  1. Bob Kowalski says:

    “Adjust Curves” is in Showfoto which is a part of the DigiKam Application Suite.

    • Andreas_P says:

      Hopfully they push ShowFoto as a tool to rival GIMP, Krita is no more an Image-Manipulation Program for Photo-Editing…

  2. Rob L. says:

    There used to be a way to know the value of a point in a photo. That feature vanished, making targeted adjustments a frustrating trial and error exercise.

    I do hope this comes back soon.

    • davidvj says:

      When one can use “Curves” along with value information from the image they become a formidable part of our toolbox. Unfortunately when that correlation was lost, a few versions ago, the value of Curves was severely diminished. I can only hope that as a part of Ver. 2.0 both the RGB values and the capability to correlate image to curve returns.

  3. Andy says:

    preset file link is broken.

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