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While digiKam doesn’t allow you to publish photos directly to a WordPress blog, you can work around this limitation. Enable the Post by Email feature on your WordPress blog, and you can use the SendImages Kipi plugin in digiKam to email photos directly to your blog.

To make this workaround work, you have to prepare your WordPress blog first. If you host your blog on, navigate to Dashboard | My Blogs and press the Enable button to activate the Post by Email feature. This will automatically generate a unique email address where you send your photos.

digiKam relies on an external email client to send photos, so before you proceed, make sure that you have a supported email program installed and configured on your machine. digiKam supports a wide range of email clients, including Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail, and Claws-Mail.

To send photos, switch to digiKam, select one or several photos, and choose Image | Email Images. In the Email Images Options window, switch to the Mail section and select the appropriate email client from the Mail program drop-down list. If you want to reduce the size and image quality of the selected photos before you send them, tick the Adjust image properties check box and adjust image settings. Hit the OK button, and digiKam automatically creates a new email with an attachment containing the photos using the specified email client. Add the subject and body (read more on how to format your email message for blog posting at, then send the email to the unique WordPress address. Visit your blog, and you should see a new blog post with all the photos.

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  1. anonymous says:

    You could easily use KBlog from kdepimlibs to publish to WordPress (or other MetaWeblog compatible) blogs. Assuming that you can parse the Blogilo configuration also easily, this should be quick to implement in a more blogger-friendly way.

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