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There are so many clever ways to share photos on the Web that the idea of creating a static HTML photo gallery may sound positively obsolete. But in certain situations, the ability to turn a bunch of photos into an HTML gallery can come in rather handy. For starters, serving a bunch of static HTML pages is less complicated than setting up a dedicated photo sharing solution, which can be useful if you want to host a photo gallery on your own server. An HTML gallery usually requires less resources, too, so you can host it on modest hardware. Also, you can store an HTML gallery on a USB stick and use it as your photo portfolio you can display even when offline.

In any case, if you end up in a situation when you need to quickly generate an HTML gallery using photos stored in digiKam, you will be pleased to learn that you can easily do this using the Export to HTML Kipi plugin available via the Export » Export to HTML command. If you don’t see the command, it’s most likely because the Kipi plugin is not enabled. To activate the plugin, choose Settings » Configure digiKam, switch to the Kipi Plugins section and enable the Export to HTML plugin.

Generating an HTML gallery using the plugin is a rather straightforward process, and the export wizard guides you through the entire procedure. As you would expect, you can generate a gallery from one or several albums. But the clever part is that you can also create galleries containing photos from a search result. This way, you can use digiKam’s advanced search capabilities to find photos that match specific criteria (e.g., ratings, tags, color labels, etc.) and then create an HTML gallery from the search result.

Most options in the export gallery wizard are pretty self-explanatory, so you shouldn’t have problems figuring them out. Select the desired album or saved search, select a gallery theme you like, and specify the dimensions and quality of the photos and thumbnails. If you want to give your visitors the ability to download full-resolution photos, enable the Include full-size original images for download option. Hit then the Finish button, and let digiKam generate an HTML gallery in the specified location. That’s all there is to it.

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2 comments on “Generate HTML Photo Galleries with digiKam
  1. Katya says:

    Great! Is the XMP data retained with the photos when you generate HTML? For instance, will the faces still be identified in the HTML pages? Many thanks.

  2. A. Lurker says:

    If you don’t have X and/or you want it simple, simple, simple, look at Swiggle.

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