digiKam Tricks 3.5 Released

Here is what’s new in this release:

  • Updated screenshots
  • Minor tweaks and fixes
  • Revised Appendix C

Readers who already purchased the book will receive the new version free of charge. If you haven’t received your copy, please send your order confirmation as proof of purchase to dmpop@linux.com, and I’ll email you the latest version of the book.

Happy reading!

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5 comments on “digiKam Tricks 3.5 Released
  1. Errol Sapir says:

    Hi Dmitri
    In the revised appendix C (Tricks 3.5) the chapter on “Geegie”, the “Rapid Photo Downloader” and “Bash script organizing of photos” are missing. Is this on purpose?

  2. Brenda says:

    Excuse the question but, why is it $9.99 paying directly through PayPal and $7.99 on Amazon. I would actually expect at least the same price or rather a difference the other way about. I would much prefer the non-DRMed file, but only if it costs the same as the Kindle edition.

    Hope you can fix that (or at least confirm that the difference in price is intended).

    Thanks in advance,


    • Dmitri Popov says:

      There is a simple explanation for that. You see the $7.99 price on Amazon because you are not in Europe. Because of taxes and additional delivery charges, the book on Amazon costs up to $11.49 for buyers in Europe. Unfortunately, there is no way to align the PayPal and Amazon prices. If I set the PayPal price lower, the Amazon version would appear even more expensive for Europeans, and if I lower the Amazon price, the PayPal price would seem unjustifiably high. Hope this clarifies things a bit. By the way, the version of the book available through the Amazon Kindle Store is also DRM-free.

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